Abducted Limburg kids found in Austria after 7 years: report

Two children who were abducted by their mother from Wijnandsrade in Limburg in 2014 were found in Austria after being missing for seven years, sources confirmed to regional broadcaster 1Limburg.

The boy and girl lived with their mother in Wijnandsrade until 2014, when the court placed the then 7-year-old and 11-year-old under youth care supervision. The mother refused to show up at the authorities with her children, instead disappearing with them, according to the regional broadcaster.

Two police officers informed the children’s father that they have been found on Tuesday afternoon. The mother was admitted to the hospital in Innsbruck. As there is an international warrant against her, the authorities tracked down her place of residence and discovered the children.

The Dutch youth care authorities are currently in contact with their Austrian counterpart regarding what will happen to the now teenagers.