Mum gives her 15-month-old son £10k designer wardrobe while she shops at Primark

A mum says she is happy to shop at Primark so her toddler son can have a £10,000 designer wardrobe.

Proud mum Laurie spends a huge chunk of her wages every month on buying new designer outfits for 15-month-old Denver.

Despite growing every day, the youngster owns pricey pieces from Burberry, Gucci, and Versace.

But while the carer would never let her son be seen looking anything less than insta-perfect, his wardrobe means Laurie’s clothes mostly come from the budget shop.

While she admits Denver would “probably prefer a Thomas the Tank top” to a Moncler coat, she says she just can’t help wanting to make sure he’s the best-dressed tot around.

Laurie, from London, said: “Denver is often dressed head to toe in designer clothes. I tend to shop at Primark and other high street stores.

“I sacrifice my own needs to ensure he has the best. My wardrobe is small compared to Denver’s who isn’t even two yet.

“He has an absolutely huge wardrobe, whereas my cheap clothes are just stored in plastic boxes. Everything of his is neatly organised and worth about ten grand altogether.

“Sometimes he only gets one wear out of the items as he outgrows them. He has Gucci tracksuits which are £350, Moschino t-shirts from £60 to £150.

“I like him to look good and it makes me feel happy. I used to wear designer clothes but now I satisfy my spending needs by shopping for Denver.

“I take pride in my son’s appearance – I’d rather my kids look good than myself.”

Denver’s outfits can range from £200 to over £600.

Once the toddler grows out of his wardrobe, Laurie sells his stuff online.

Laurie said: “He may only wear some items once or twice, so the condition is perfect. I can then sell it online and get most of the money back.

“Some people may judge me for Denver’s wardrobe, but it is none of their business. I can dress my child how I like.”

She added: “He’s a typical boy who loves to get mucky when playing and that’s fine.

“However, I won’t be taking him to the park in his cream Moncler coat which was £380.

“He has previously spilt ice cream all over a Burberry outfit, but I didn’t mind – I have a washing machine.”